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    This use provision establishes the rights and obligations of the registered and participant users or of any visitor accessing the site www.uminho.pt.
    This site is owned by the University of Minho, and is maintained by the Information Systems Office of the University of Minho. This office can be contacted by e-mail (gsi@reitoria.uminho.pt ), telephone (+351 253 601 400) and fax (+351 253 601 419), or at Campus Gualtar, 4710-553 Braga, Portugal, from Monday to Friday (9 a. m. to 12.30 a. m. - 2 p. m. to 5.30 p. m.) [(GMT) Greenwich Mean Time: Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London].

  • User's identification

    A registered user has a login word and a password, which should be confidential, and the utilization of which is under their strict responsibility.

  • Services

    In addition to the institutional information available to the visitors, the registered user will also have access to exclusive services.

  • Using the services

    The user is obliged to use the services provided according to the laws and regulations which apply to the use of these services in Portugal. The use of this site for illicit activities (either civil, criminal, or others) or for any activity which violates the rights of others is utterly prohibited, and can be punished by law.

  • Intellectual Property Rights

    The information on this site is owned by the University of Minho and cannot be published or distributed without previous written authorization. The editing or modification of the published materials is not allowed, including the copying of texts or images for other applications.
    All symbols, brands, logotypes, names and denominations on this site are protected by the Portuguese copyright law (in "Código do Direito de Autor e dos Direitos Conexos" and "Código da Propriedade Industrial"), and cannot be reproduced or appropriated without previous written authorisation from the copyright owners.

  • Users' personal data

    The services of the University of Minho are authorised to process the user's personal data according to the provisions in Portuguese law regarding personal databases. The University of Minho is committed to the employment of technical and administrative measures in the protection of its users' personal data. It does not divulge any information, either concerning users' personal data, or their access, except when requested to do so by law.

    The users consent the creation of statistics of use and registers of connection. This information can be used in administrative and statistical processes, and is available to others only in an impersonal form. The users' personal data are not provided to external entities. The registered user is entitled to oppose, access, and correct his personal data.

  • Responsibility for the data processing

    The Information Systems Office of the University of Minho is responsible for the processing of the users databases. The details of all registered users are organized in a database properly registered in the Portuguese Commission of Data Protection (CNPD - Comissão Nacional de Protecção de Dados ). The Information Systems Office of the University of Minho is obliged to act according to the existing legal provisions under Portuguese law regarding personal databases.

  • Cookies

    When accessing the site of the University of Minho temporary cookies are introduced and encrypted on the computer where the access is taking place.

  • Processed data for statistics

    When accessing the pages of this site the IP address used to access it, the date of your visit, and the pages that you visit are automatically processed. This information does not personally identify you, and is processed purely in the interests of future site-related statistics.

  • Security and service availability

    The circulation of data on the Internet is processed by heterogeneous nets with diverse technical characteristics and capacities. The transmission of data has only a relative technical liability, which may affect access, and even make it impossible at certain periods.
    The user recognises that access to the available information depends on certain characteristics, limitations and the use of communication means, for which the University of Minho holds no responsibility. Nor does the University hold responsibility for any accidental damage of the information, namely by non-authorised accesses.
    This site and its supporting net structure maintain the right to run an analysis and data protection software, either for security reasons, or in the interests of its availability for all users.

  • Changes in the present use provision

    The University of Minho can, at any time and without previous warning, change the present use provisions, as well as the available services, and is committed to informing the users of the changes introduced.

  • Complaints, comments and suggestions

    In the case of any complaint, the University of Minho is committed to informing the user, and to processing it according to the stipulated procedures. The competent authorities of complaint and also the institutions of impartial jurisdiction in the cases of existing or still under creation litigation on the Internet can be informed. Thus, the user is committed to fully cooperating with those institutions and associations, and accepting their decisions.
    Any complaint, question, message, comment and/or query can be addressed to the Communication, Information and Image Office of the University of Minho by e-mail (gcii@reitoria.uminho.pt), telephone (+351 253 601 109) or fax (+351 253 601 105).

  • Law in application and competent law court

    The present contract is regulated by Portuguese law. In case of litigation regarding the legality, interpretation or implementation of this contract, and after unsuccessful agreement attempts, it will be submitted to the competent law courts, which is here exclusively the law courts of Braga.
    If any stipulation in this use provision is considered to be invalid either by the application of a law or regulation, or as a consequence of a definite judicial decision by a competent jurisdiction, the other clauses will maintain all their strength and importance. In these cases, both parties agree to replace the clause declared null and void by another one as similar as possible to the content of the initial fixed clause.

  • Acceptance and bonding

    The user declares their knowledge and acceptance of the use provisions above mentioned, assuming therefore the correspondent rights and obligations. The University of Minho - Head Office at Largo do Paço, 4704-553 Braga, Portugal, collective entity no. 502 011 378.